Finance Office
The primary mission of the GBI Finance Office is to provide sound, solid advice and financial management to the Director's Office, the Administrative Division, the Investigative Division, the Division of Forensic Sciences, and the Georgia Crime Information Center . GBI Finance also administers the funds for the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC), attached to the GBI for administrative purposes. The Finance Office is supervised by the agency's fiscal officer/treasurer and consists of three main units: Budget, Accounting and Purchasing. The office is supported by 21 employees and is responsible for all financial transactions involving the agency.

Office of Professional Standards
The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct made against GBI employees.

Office of Human Resources
The Office of Human Resources is responsible for providing support to the three divisions and the Administrative Section of the GBI in all human resource matters.

Public Affairs
Disseminating information to the media and the public falls under the domain of the Public Affairs Office.

Staff Services
Staff Services provides a variety of support functions for the GBI, including facility management, fleet management, asset management, telecommunications, agent supply, and mail.