Legal Division/GBI Service of Process

The Division is supervised by the Legal Division Director and is divided into three sections: Prosecutorial Liaison Section, Legal Advisor Section, and Compliance Section.

The Prosecutorial Liaison Section provides legal and prosecutorial support to the GBI and local jurisdictions to combat public corruption, election crimes, human trafficking, and criminal street gangs. Attorneys within the Prosecutorial Liaison Section are authorized to serve as Special Assistant United States Attorneys, District Attorneys, or Solicitors General at the request of any appropriate agency and with the approval of the Director. Additionally, the Prosecutorial Liaison Section serves as a legal resource for law enforcement and prosecutor offices across Georgia.

The Legal Advisor Section provides a full range of legal services to the GBI’s three operational divisions and serves as the liaison to the Department of Law. The Legal Advisor Section provides legal oversight and research in operational matters such as policy, administrative issues, personnel law, and the rules of criminal law, procedure, and evidence, and offers instructional services within the GBI. The Legal Advisor Section also drafts, reviews, and analyzes current and proposed legislation, and disseminates legal updates to GBI personnel.

The Compliance Section ensures the GBI’s compliance with federal and state laws, regulations, rules, and policies. The Open Records Unit responds to requests for information received pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act and oversees the GBI’s Archives. Additionally, the Compliance Section is responsible for strategic planning, maintaining national accreditations, and ensuring state certifications.

GBI Service of Process

Effective July 1, 2023, and pursuant to O.C.G.A. 50-21-35, the following individuals shall serve as designees for service of process for civil actions brought against the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and/or the GBI Director in his official capacity:

  1.  Laura McDonald – Legal Director
  2.  Lindsay Gardner – Senior Managing Attorney
  3.  Aristides Passas – Managing Attorney
  4.  Philip Curtis – Managing Attorney
  5. Cheryl Payton - Open Records Manager
  6.  Rachel Askin - Paralegal

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