Staff Services

Staff Services provides a variety of support functions for the GBI, including facility management, fleet management, asset management, telecommunications, and mail service.

Facility Management

Staff Services provides for facility planning, development, construction, and maintenance. Personnel work with the GBI divisions to determine current and future facility needs.  They coordinate with design professionals to develop documentation for construction, renovation, and repair projects.  They interface with the contractors and administer the contracts for this work.

Supply and Mailroom

The staff of the Mailroom Section consists of one full-time employee and one temporary employee. This section processes and sends out approximately 3,000 pieces of mail weekly, including inter-office mail throughout the state. They receive, sort, and distribute mail daily at the Headquarters facility.  They also provide courier services.

Fleet & Asset

The Fleet and Asset Section manage GBI's fleet of more than 500 vehicles. Fleet management personnel use Fleet Anywhere software to manage fleet costs and operations. Reports on current and projected use of vehicles have proven invaluable in strategic budget planning. The staff also manages fuel card use and accounting.   They monitor and report on vehicle accidents.

This section also accounts for GBI’s assets totaling nearly 8,000 items valued in excess of $100 million.  They manage the surplus operations for the Bureau.

Other Support Services

Staff Services is responsible for:

  • Administration of the Headquarters' security personnel and maintenance contracts
  • Telecommunications management
  • Risk management
  • Security and access management
  • Contract administration.