Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the GBI get involved in an investigation?

    Under Georgia law, the GBI, as an assisting agency, can ONLY respond to requests for investigations from:

    • Governing officials of a municipality
    • District Attorneys
    • Sheriffs
    • Superior Court Judges
    • Chief law enforcement officers of any municipality
    • Chiefs of county police departments (in counties with population in excess of 100,000)
    • Chiefs of regular or volunteer fire departments (in suspected arson cases)
    • Governor of Georgia (by directive)
  • Does the GBI unsolved cases list contain all unsolved cases within the state?

    No. The cases listed are just a few of those in which the GBI is involved, with a few exceptions. Occasionally, a local agency will ask the GBI to add their case to the web site. We add GBI unsolved cases as time permits.

  • How do I get a name added to the GBI's missing person web page?

    You should contact the local law enforcement agency where the person was reported missing and ask that agency to contact the GBI about adding the missing person to the web site.

  • How do I find out the result of an autopsy?

    You should contact the local Coroner's office that is involved in the investigation to get the Crime Lab report.