Employment FAQ

  • How will I know if a position is available?

    Vacancies that are open for recruitment may be posted at GBI Headquarters Lobby in Decatur, the GBI website, www.gbi.georgia.gov, or on the State of Georgia employment website, team.georgia.gov/careers/. Applicants should submit applications as instructed on the job announcement.

  • How do I apply for a position at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation?

    To apply for an announced job vacancy, applicants will need to submit two (2) completed paper copies of the State of Georgia Application for Employment to the GBI Human Resources Office either in-person OR by mail by close of business on the deadline date posted on the job announcement except for "Open Until Filled" positions. "Open Until Filled" positions are those vacancies that have no closing date and applications can be accepted Monday through Friday. A separate application must be completed for each advertised vacancy. There are some jobs that may require applicants to submit unofficial transcripts in addition to the employment application when applying for a position. Any requests for unofficial transcripts will be listed on the job announcement. Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications and also complete all spaces on the application to be considered for employment.


    GBI Human Resources Office

    (404) 270-8335
  • Do I need to fill out separate applications for each position?

    Yes, you are required to fill out separate applications for each position for which you are applying. The position title and job code needs to be completed on the application so that Human Resources is aware of the specific position in which you are interested. This enables Human Resources to direct the application to the appropriate Department.

  • How long is the hiring process after I apply for a position?

    It may take several weeks to fill a position due to a thorough and extensive hiring process that is aimed at identifying and hiring the best candidates at the GBI. The hiring process includes the screening of applications by the Human Resources Office to determine if applicants meet the qualifications of the position; a selection/interview process to evaluate the applicants qualifications, and a comprehensive background investigation (including criminal, credit and drivers history checks), polygraph examination, fingerprinting and drug screening. In general, the entire hiring process, starting from the submission of the application to being offered employment, may possibly take 3 months.

  • When will I be contacted after submitting my application?

    The Human Resources Office is responsible for screening applications submitted for an advertised vacancy. Only applicants selected for interviews are contacted by a representative from the hiring department. It is very important that applicants have complete and current contact information (phone number, email address, and mailing address) listed on their application. Due to the large volume of applications received, please allow 3-6 weeks for the reviewing of the applications.

  • How will I know if I'm selected for a job?

    Once the interview process is complete, the hiring department will notify the Human Resources Office on applicants selected to continue in the hiring process. At this point, Human Resources will coordinate the background investigation. When all information is completed, the selected applicant is contacted and offered the position, and a date is set to begin employment. Due to the volume of applications received, we are unable to notify each applicant of their status during hiring process; however, all applicants interviewed will be notified at the completion of the hiring process.

  • Does my application stay on file for future positions?

    No, you will be required to complete another application for any position in which you are interested.

  • Does the GBI still offer tours of the Crime Lab, Morgue, and Main Building at GBI Headquarters?

    The GBI does not offer tours to the general public at the GBI Headquarters. Applicants interested in knowing more about how the GBI functions should visit the GBI website at www.gbi.georgia.gov and click on the Divisions & Offices link.

  • Does the GBI offer volunteer/shadowing programs for High School Students or College Students?

    Unfortunately, the GBI does not offer any volunteer/shadowing programs for high school or college students. However, the GBI does offer unpaid internship opportunities for full-time junior and senior college students as well as first year graduate students.

  • I am a Criminal Justice student interested in a career as a Special Agent after graduation. Are there any specific courses I should take?

    The GBI only provides information to applicants regarding the minimum qualifications of positions announced or those for which we typically recruit, which may require specific courses or degrees. We DO NOT make general recommendations concerning specific courses or degree programs to enroll in or colleges/universities to attend in order to work for our agency.

  • Do you have Internship opportunities for High School and College students?

    Unpaid internship opportunities are only available to full-time college juniors, seniors, and first-year graduate students for fall, spring, or summer semester. The internship application and information about eligibility and the internship hiring process may be downloaded from the GBI website, www.gbi.georgia.gov, under Employment Opportunities/Internship Program.