About Us

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is to provide the highest quality investigative, scientific, and information services and resources to the criminal justice community and others as authorized by law, for the purpose of maintaining law and order and protecting life and property. The Mission will be achieved by a team of skilled and dedicated employees, utilizing innovative programs and state of the art technology.

On January 18, 2011, Governor Nathan Deal re-appointed Vernon M. Keenan as Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). During Keenan's career, he has been promoted to every rank in the GBI's Investigative Division, and then moved even farther up the chain of command to assistant director and now continues as director.

Dan Kirk, Assistant Director
Connie Buck, Fiscal Officer & Treasurer
Dawn Diedrich, Director of Office of Privacy and Compliance
Fred Mays, Director of Office of Professional Standards
Shondrena Hudson-Huley, Director of Human Resources
Nelly Miles, Director of Public Affairs
Terry Sears, Director of Property Management

GBI History
From the time Georgia was founded in 1733 until 1937, law enforcement in the state was the responsibility of local governments. In March 1937, at the request of Governor E. D. Rivers, the General Assembly passed Act 220 that established the Department of Public Safety, the first statewide law enforcement agency in Georgia.