Legal Division

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 35-3-3, the Legal Division was established as an independent division within the GBI effective July 1, 2020. The Legal Division is supervised by the Deputy Director for Legal and is divided into two offices each managed by an Assistant Deputy Director and a Special Agent in Charge, respectively. Attorneys employed by the Legal Division are members of the State Bar of Georgia and are authorized to serve as Special Assistant United States Attorneys, District Attorneys, or Solicitors General at the request of any appropriate agency and the approval of the Director.

The Office of Legal Services (OLS) is the liaison with the Department of Law and provides legal advice and instructional services within the GBI. The OLS provides legal oversight and research in operational matters such as policy, administrative issues, personnel law, and the rules of criminal law, procedure, and evidence. Additionally, the OLS plans, reviews, and analyzes current and proposed legislation, disseminates legal updates to GBI personnel, and coordinates disciplinary actions. The OLS also serves as a legal resource for law enforcement and prosecutor offices across Georgia.

The Office of Privacy and Compliance (OPC) coordinates with OLS to respond to requests for information received pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act. This office oversees the Accreditation Unit responsible for maintaining national accreditation and state certification.