April 17, 2023  Dr. Anthony Clark is back at the GBI to practice pathology at the GBI Medical Examiners Office in Macon.  July 1, 2023 will mark 31 years he has been a medical examiner.  Dr. Clark enjoys solving puzzles and has always had an inquisitive mind. He started watching the old tv show “Quincy” at a young age and was fascinated by the whole idea of being a doctor who investigates deaths along with law enforcement.  After ending his most recent assignment in Florida, he was not ready to retire or willing to leave Georgia.  When he saw an opening in Macon, he could not resist applying.  Dr. Clark originally left the GBI in July 2007 and has had a great working relationship with the GBI Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Geoffrey Smith.

“I’m delighted to have Dr. Clark return to the GBI,” said GBI Director Michael Register. "His reputation and skills preceded him, and he will make an excellent member of our MEO Team.”

“Forensic Pathology is an exciting field of medicine, and the opportunities are tremendous,” said Dr. Clark. "There are only about 400 forensic pathologists across the USA and the need is for 1200+. There is a real push to attract medical students into the field with modern facilities, better pay, good lifestyle, & student loan forgiveness.”

Dr. Clark said the first week back was extremely busy, but the Macon Medical Examiners Office staff has been very welcoming, friendly, accommodating, professional, and efficient. He hasn’t felt this energized in years!


Public & Governmental Affairs Director Nelly Miles

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