Atlanta, GA (March 30, 2023) - The GBI has arrested and charged Virginia Heckel, age 30, of Ohio with criminal trespass and Robert Rayner, age 20, of Ohio with obstruction at Intrenchment Creek Park, near the future site of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center. DeKalb County Government issued an executive order on Friday, March 24, that Intrenchment Creek Park and other adjacent county-owned property be closed due to the discovery of “hidden traps or other devices designed to injure, maim, or cause the death of adults, children, and pets.”

On Monday, March 27, the DeKalb County Police Department began a multi-jurisdictional task force operation, to include the GBI, to clear the park of unauthorized people and vehicles, hidden traps, or other dangerous devices, and to secure the entrances and exits of the property.

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