Butts County, GA (September 28, 2022) – Butts County Sheriff’s Office deputies and GBI agents obtained 200 arrest warrants during the execution of “Operation Endless Consequences.”  This operation is a multi-agency investigation involving gangs, drugs, and guns, plaguing the communities of Jackson and Flovilla in Butts County, GA.  Deputies and agents issued the arrest warrants for 69 defendants.  Of those arrested, sixteen are members of the Gangster Disciples.  Deputies and agents seized trafficking amounts of cocaine and marijuana and numerous firearms.  Of these firearms, some were stolen and in the possession of convicted felons.  Deputies and agents are in the process of identifying additional defendants.

The GBI joined this investigation in March 2021 after a Butts County high school basketball coach attempted to break up a fight at a basketball tournament involving rival gangs and was shot in the crossfire. A second innocent bystander was also shot.

The target of the investigation is a hybrid street gang affiliated with the Gangster Disciples.  This gang is suspected of committing numerous aggravated assaults and drive by shootings, drug trafficking, and weapons offenses.

The arrests in this case should send a clear message to gang members and their associates that their criminal activities will not be tolerated. They will be identified, arrested, and prosecuted. Restoring safety to our communities is of utmost importance.

Thank you to the agencies participating in this investigation and the arrests: Butts County Sheriff’s Office, Towaliga Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office, Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, Henry County Police Department, Jackson Police Department, Georgia Department of Corrections, United States Marshals Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Drug Enforcement Administration. 

The following is a list of each person charged.  They will be booked into the Butts County Jail.

  1. Zerra Brown
  2. Jaquavius Kesean Bland
  3. Kerri Watts
  4. Antwyone Brown
  5. Colous Andrews
  6. Jalon Stewart
  7. Jeremy Andrews
  8. Zayin White
  9. Denzell Travis
  10. Armando Hernandez
  11. Antonio Mulkey
  12. Franklin White
  13. Daquacious Bland
  14. Michaela Ballew
  15. Lawandte Johnson
  16. Cody Pedersen
  17. Joshua Kirby
  18. Lamarcus Grier
  19. Michael Mosley
  20. Noah Betsill
  21. Kesha Andrews
  22. Samantha Bell
  23. Saderrius Collier
  24. David Corley
  25. Daniel Earnhart
  26. Jessika Autrey
  27. Lajarvis Denson
  28. Jordan Betsill
  29. Leonandra Akins
  30. Charendra Miller
  31. Autumn Finlay
  32. Cheyenne McCulley
  33. Olivia Nichols
  34. Patrice Watson
  35. Morgan Lunsford
  36. Trey McInvale
  37. Danny Richardson
  38. Jonathan East
  39. Makayla Godfrey
  40. Shniah Carr
  41. Monsavier Marshall
  42. Peder Andresen
  43. Timothy Clement
  44. Belindy Grier
  45. Alonza Marshall
  46. Orterrio Watson
  47. Kareemah Harkness
  48. Tyler Autry
  49. Brittany Merck
  50. Arianna Phillips
  51. Orasma Andrews
  52. Nicolas Jackson
  53. Kimberly McClendon
  54. Jacqueline Hulsey
  55. Shelby Hamby
  56. Jordan Bowen
  57. Daniel Corley
  58. Darius Grier
  59. Ronald Brown
  60. Alonzo Pye
  61. Tristan Stewart
  62. Eshawn Barber
  63. Corey White
  64. Charles Lummus
  65. Darquashia Shannon
  66. Brett Barfield
  67. Emily Wright
  68. Corbin Grier
  69. Roderikus Scott

Watch the full news conference here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcty-F2qcD4 


Public & Governmental Affairs Director Nelly Miles

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