Update: The suspect has been identified as Arthur Allen Gilliam, age 35, of Rex, GA.


Rex, GA (December 1, 2021) – The GBI is investigating an officer involved shooting in Rex, GA.  The Clayton County Police Department asked the GBI to conduct an independent investigation on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.  One Clayton County Police Officer identified as Henry Laxson, 2 women, and one man have died.  One Clayton County Police Officer was injured.  

The preliminary information indicates that at 8:38 p.m., the Clayton County Police Department received 911 calls about a domestic disturbance at 3668 Jervis Court, Rex, Clayton County, Georgia.  As officers were responding to the scene, additional 911 calls indicated that shots had been fired.  When officers arrived, they encountered an armed man who shot and killed Clayton County Police Department Officer Henry Laxson and wounded another Clayton County Police Department officer.  Officers on scene returned fire, hitting the man, who died on scene.  Officers later determined that the man had just shot and killed two women and also shot a 12 year-old boy in the face just prior to officers arriving.  Officer Laxson was taken to Piedmont Henry Hospital where he died.  The injured officer was taken to a local area hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.  The GBI will perform an autopsy on the suspect in the triple shooting investigation. 

The Clayton County Police Department is investigating the triple shooting incident.  The GBI will continue to conduct an independent investigation of the officer involved shooting and once complete, the case will be given the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office for review.


Public & Governmental Affairs Director Nelly Miles

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