Camden County, Ga (November 9, 2018) – On Thursday, November 8, 2018, law enforcement agencies in Camden County responded to four separate deaths.   The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the St. Marys Police Department, the Kingsland Police Department, the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, and the Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) has launched an investigation into the deaths in an effort to determine the cause and if there is a connection between the deaths.  Autopsies and other laboratory examinations are being conducted at the Savannah Crime Lab. 

The preliminary investigation has revealed that drug usage might have played a role in the deaths, though this has not been confirmed by forensic tests.  As the investigation continues, more information will be provided to the public as appropriate.  The public should be aware of the continued dangers of consuming illegal drugs ranging from a variety of adverse reactions, up to and including death. 

On the evening of Thursday, November 8, 2018, Alonzo Davis, 39 years old, was arrested on outstanding warrants and further charges are pending for Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine.

If anyone has any information concerning the investigation, please contact the Camden County Sheriff’s Office Tip line at 912-510-5163.

Contact Information:

Stacy Carson - Special Agent in Charge