Public Safety’s Response to Alzheimer's

March 29, 2018

Atlanta, GA – With over 140,000 Georgians diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Atlanta Police Department, and the Georgia Department of Human Services hosted training today to teach public safety officers on how they can better respond to calls for assistance for people suffering from the disease and related dementias.

Over 120 attendees participated in the seminar held at Atlanta Metropolitan State College in an effort to better serve this growing population.  It is estimated that by 2025 there will be a 46% increase in the number of elderly Georgians living with Alzheimer’s.  Persons with the disease may go undiagnosed and during encounters with first responders they may not comprehend or comply with verbal commands.

The class provided participants with knowledge and information to effectively respond to various Alzheimer’s calls. Public safety providers learned how to recognize the signs and symptoms of the disease, how to effectively interview a person with Alzheimer’s, conduct a search and rescue for a missing person, and effectively use the media in Alzheimer’s related search investigations.

GBI plans to host training classes statewide throughout the summer.

Bahan Rich – Public Affairs Deputy Director | Decatur |