GBI Douglas Office Telephone Number Spoofed

January 26, 2018

Douglas, GA – Please be advised that the telephone number for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Regional Office in Douglas has been compromised as a result of telephone spoofing.  When a telephone number is spoofed, the caller ID of the caller will appear to be coming from a valid number.  In the cases specifically related to the GBI, the individual being called will see telephone number 912-389-4103.  

In many of these scam calls, the caller identifies himself as a GBI agent and requests identifying information to include date of birth, social security number, and even bank account numbers. The most recent scam seems to be targeting college students.

The GBI does not contact individuals for personal information or debt collection.  If you receive a call from anyone claiming to represent the GBI or a law enforcement agency in this manner, you are urged not to provide the information and to contact your local law enforcement to report the incident.

Bahan Rich-Public Affairs Deputy Director | Decatur |