Hartwell, Georgia - On Tuesday, August 1, 2017, at approximately 3:15pm, the Hartwell Police Department responded to a 911 call originating from the Reddy Urgent Care located at 605 East Franklin Street Hartwell, Georgia.  Staff at the Urgent Care had requested assistance from EMS and Law Enforcement after Sandra Adams and Amy Adams entered the office with Amy Adams’ twenty-month-old son.  The child had suffered extensive injuries following an apparent dog attack.  Medical personnel and EMS determined the child was unresponsive and the child was pronounced dead at 3:36  pm.  Hartwell Police Chief Anthony Davis requested assistance from the Athens Investigative office of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).  Agents of the GBI, Hartwell Police Officers, the Coroner’s Office, and the office of the District Attorney have jointly launched an investigation into the child’s death.  The child was transported late yesterday to the GBI Crime Laboratory for autopsy.

Preliminary investigation suggests that Sandra Adams, the grandmother of the child, was at her residence located at 64 Highland Avenue Hartwell, Georgia babysitting the child.  Adams and the child were outside.  Adams attempted to re-enter her residence at which time two pit bulldogs that resided at the residence ran out the back door knocking Adams to the ground and attacking the child.  Adams attempted to both shield the child from further attack and to pull the dogs away from the child.  Eventually Adams was able to get the dogs back into the residence and pick up the child.  Adams then transported the child to a nearby location where she picked up Amy Adams, the child’s mother, and the two transported the child to the Reddy Urgent Care in Hartwell.

Historical information indicates that Sandra Adams had been cited on multiple occasions by the Hartwell Police Department under a city ordinance maintaining disorderly animals.

Hartwell Police Officers, City Animal Control, along with assistance from a Veterinarian entered the residence and secured both animals. Those animals are currently being kenneled in separate locations and are under observation.

Officers conducted extensive interviews with all family members and GBI Crime Scene Specialists worked into the evening processing the residence following consultation with District Attorney Parks White.  Sandra Adams was arrested and charged with Second Degree Murder, Cruelty to Children Second Degree, and Involuntary Manslaughter.

The investigation remains ongoing at this time. No further information is available for release.

Contact Information:

Nelly Miles - Public Affairs Director - 404/270-8330