Dade County, Georgia – On Friday, December 16, 2016, at approximately 1:45 AM, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) was requested by Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross to investigate an Officer Use of Force incident occurring in Dade County, GA.

Preliminary information provided by Dade County authorities indicates that at approximately 12:26 AM, Dade County deputies initiated a traffic stop on Slygo Rd in northwest Dade County in the Slygo community.  As the officers were conducting the traffic stop, a truck driven by Brandon Kyle Bettis, age 26, sped away from the traffic stop.  A chase ensued and ended on a dead end road at Haswell Lane.  As deputies approached the vehicle, Bettis backed his vehicle into a patrol vehicle which struck one of the deputies, knocking him to the ground.  Bettis attempted to leave the scene by pulling forward and then attempted a second time to ram the deputies and patrol vehicles.  Subsequently, deputies fired multiple times at Bettis.  Bettis surrendered and was taken into custody uninjured.  A passenger was in the vehicle but is not expected to be charged at this point in the investigation.

The two deputies are identified as Sgt. Casey York and Kelvin Haswell and will be placed on paid administrative leave.  They did not sustain any injuries during this incident.

Bettis is facing numerous charges including 2 counts of aggravated assault on police officers, attempting to elude, and reckless driving.

The GBI will continue its independent investigation to determine what occurred during the incident.  When the investigation is complete, it will be turned over to the Dade County District Attorney's Office for review.

Greg Ramey – Special Agent in Charge | GBI - Calhoun | 404/473-5136