Macon, GA – The Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s (GBI) Central Lab in Macon, Georgia has begun using the latest technology available in the investigation of deaths occurring in Georgia.  The Lodox Machine is a full-body digital X-ray imaging device that is being used in the GBI morgue by medical examiners to assist in determining the cause and manner of deaths occurring in the state.  The machine enhances the lab’s ability to conduct autopsies in a timely manner by cutting the time needed to x-ray a body before an examination from up to an hour, down to 13 seconds.  This technology would increase the GBI’s ability to handle autopsies in the unfortunate event of a mass fatality.  The resolution with the Lodox machine is also increased over a standard x-ray, giving it the ability to assist medical examiners in determining the path of a wound and even helping them to identify the deceased by comparing internal bone and teeth structure with previous medical and dental records.  The cost of this tool is $250,000. 

The Lodox Machine is part of the GBI’s continuing commitment to employ the latest technology in its service to the citizens of the State of Georgia.   

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