UPDATE: GBI Investigating Officer Involved Shooting in Riverdale

February 17, 2016

Riverdale, Georgia - There are a few issues in need of clarification as it relates to the February 11, 2016 officer involved shooting and murder investigation of Riverdale Police Major Greg Barney:

Major Greg Barney was not part of the entry team for the warrant nor the perimeter security team. He was an on-site supervisor who witnessed Ross running from behind the apartment while the SWAT team made entry.

The arrests of Joey C. King and Robert Dixon Jr. are associated with the Clayton County Police Department Drug Task Force case.  All inquiries related to that investigation or those subjects should be directed to the Clayton County Police Department Drug Task Force.

The preliminary findings from the GBI Medical Examiner’s autopsy revealed that Major Greg Barney was shot a total of four times.  The location of those shots were once in the abdomen, once in the arm, once in the leg, and once in the lower back.  The injuries to the leg and lower back were not noticeably visible at the crime scene and were identified during the autopsy examination. Additionally, evidence collected as part of the investigation supports the Medical Examiner’s preliminary findings.

Jerand Ross, 24, who faces murder charges, remains in the hospital and continues to be treated for his injuries.

The investigation is active and the release of additional information is limited. Please route your inquiries to Scott Dutton (scott.dutton@gbi.ga.gov) or Nelly Miles (nelly.miles@gbi.ga.gov).