Georgia State Patrol Shooting Being Investigated by GBI

May 27, 2015

Tifton, GA – On Friday, May 22, the Georgia State Patrol requested the Georgia Bureau of Investigation investigate a shooting involving a trooper on Interstate 75.


On May 22, at approximately 10:30 a.m. Senior Trooper Richard Kennedy was patrolling on I-75 when he clocked a Jeep Cherokee traveling at 98 miles per hour. Trooper Kennedy got behind the vehicle to conduct a traffic stop. The Jeep pulled into the right emergency lane near mile marker 71. Trooper Kennedy approached the vehicle which was being driven by a female later identified as Taylor Bins, 21, and a male occupant, later identified as Prince Williamson, 28. Trooper Kennedy spoke with Bins and determined her driver’s license was suspended. Bins was then arrested without incident and placed in Trooper Kennedy’s car. Trooper Kennedy returned to the Jeep to determine if Williamson had a valid driver’s license. The information Williamson provided to the trooper was determined to be inaccurate. When Trooper Kennedy attempted to take Williamson into custody, Williamson pulled away from Trooper Kennedy, ran around the Jeep with Trooper Kennedy chasing Williamson. Williamson got into the driver’s side of the Jeep and began driving towards Trooper Kennedy who was in front of the Jeep, being forced into oncoming traffic. Trooper Kennedy fired one round through the windshield of the Jeep which resulted in Williamson receiving a facial injury. Williamson exited the Jeep and the Jeep continued moving across I-75 into oncoming traffic. Trooper Kennedy narrowly missed being struck by oncoming traffic as he made his way back to the right shoulder of the road where he took Williamson into custody and rendered first aid. Williamson was transported to a local hospital where his injury was determined to be non-life threatening.    


Bins, of 4613 Florida Avenue, Chattanooga, TN, was charged with Driving on a Suspended License and Speeding. Williamson, of 605 Bluewater Drive, Antioch, TN, was charged with Aggravated Assault, Felony Obstruction, and False Statements. Williamson also has several outstanding felony warrants for his arrest in Tennessee. Both were booked into the Tift County Jail. 


The GBI will conduct a thorough investigation to determine what occurred during the incident. When the investigation is complete it will be turned over to District Attorney Paul Bowdon for any action he deems appropriate. 


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