Columbus, GA - The GBI Office in Columbus initiated a criminal investigation at the request of Muscogee County Marshal Greg Countryman into an incident that occurred at the scene of an accident on October 28, 2013 at Forest Road and Wellborn Drive in Columbus.  After the accident occurred, Deputy Marshal Alicia Davenport arrived at the scene and began collecting information from the involved parties.  A short time later, a uniformed Columbus Police Officer arrived and assumed overall responsibility for the accident investigation. The Columbus Officer began collecting information from the involved parties.  Davenport approached the Columbus Officer and told him that she had already collected much of the information.  Davenport’s perception was that the Columbus Officer did not acknowledge what she said and believed she was being ignored.  Davenport stated she became angry and went to her patrol car to leave the scene.  The Columbus Officer saw this and began walking around the front of Davenport’s patrol car to speak with her.  Davenport continued to leave the scene and drove through the path of the Columbus Police Officer forcing him to quickly move out of the way to prevent himself from being seriously injured.  The Columbus Officer subsequently reported the incident through his chain of command and submitted a first report of injury regarding a possible injury resulting from the incident. 

        Upon learning of the incident, Marshal Countryman reviewed available information and determined that a criminal investigation was warranted.  An official request was received by the GBI Office in Columbus on Friday, November 1, 2013.    

        The GBI investigated the incident and concluded that probable cause existed to believe that Deputy Marshal Davenport committed the criminal offenses of Reckless Conduct (misdemeanor) - Official Code of Georgia (O.C.G.A 16-5-60) and Violation of Oath by a Public Officer (felony) (O.C.G.A.16-10-1).  Arrest warrants were issued by Superior Court Judge Frank Jorden on December 12, 2013.   Davenport was contacted and agreed to turn herself in at the Muscogee County Jail.  Davenport was taken into custody at the jail where arrest processing was completed.  Issues regarding custody will be coordinated by Sheriff John Darr or his designee from this point forward. 

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