BLAIRSVILLE, GA – In an effort to identify the writer of the letter sent to the Cherokee County, NC Sheriff's Office and the Union County Sheriff's Office in January, the GBI and Union County Sheriff’s Office are releasing the letter’s contents, images of the envelops and the GBI Case Agent’s plea to the Grandmother to come forward.

The anonymous letter writer indicated the sketch of the Ranger suspect looked like her grandson and that the grandson drove a Nissan Xterra. The letter writer indicated her grandson was in that area of western North Carolina during the time of both incidents, Kristi’s disappearance and the apparent attempted assault on the woman in Ranger.

The text of that letter is attached along with images of the two envelops with the hope that someone might recognize the writing or know someone who writes with a purple ink pen.

Below is a letter to the Grandmother from GBI Case Agent Brian Whidby, asking her to come forward.

Dear Concerned Grandmother,

 I was pleased to receive your letter in reference to your concerns about your grandson. I had hoped to hear from you as a result of our pleas for information. My name is Brian Whidby, I am a Special Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and I am responsible for finding Kristi. I have worked towards that goal since her disappearance.

 I understand from your letter that you believe that your grandson may be involved with Kristi's disappearance. You cannot ignore the chain of coincidences surrounding your grandson's twelve day stay with you in August 2009.

 I believe you are a Godly and caring person. You made the right decision by contacting us with your letter. I now ask you to continue your journey with us and contact me. I understand that you have concerns about your family and I ask that you pray about your decision and do what is right.

 I ask that you contact me and we can eliminate any doubt in your mind about your grandson. We can learn together if your suspicions are mistaken about your grandson. I pray you can understand why I must ask you to take the next step in our journey and contact me. You can call me on my cellular telephone at 706-969-5706, email me at [email protected]or write me at 79 Cobb Vantress Drive, Cleveland, GA 30528.


Brian Whidby

The contact information in Special Agent Whidby’s letter is for this Grandmother only. Anyone with any information that might help identify the letter writer is asked to contact the GBI at 1-800-597-TIPS (8477), the Union County Sheriff’s Office at 706-439-6080 or the Cherokee, North Carolina Sheriff’s Office at 828-835-4152.

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Contact Information:

John Bankhead - 404-270-8330