ROME, GA. – As result of a year-long investigation into allegations of financial misconduct by former Floyd County Magistrate Chris Mathis, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation obtained 27 warrants late yesterday charging Mathis with multiple theft related crimes.

The GBI investigation was requested last summer by Rome Judicial Circuit District Attorney Leigh Patterson when the allegations came to her attention.

Mathis, 45, was charged with the following:

12 warrants for Theft by Taking
6 warrants for Theft by Conversion
2 warrants for Theft by Deception
2 warrants for Exploitation of an Elder Person
1 warrant for Forgery
3 warrants for Deposit Account Fraud
1 warrant for Damaging, Destroying, and Secreting Property to Defraud Another

The charges relate to his alleged involvement in a fraudulent investment scheme involving the purchase of cattle that defrauded several victims out of an estimated $500,000.

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