JONESBORO– The Jonesboro Police Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation announce the arrest of Timothy Alan Boothe for the murder of Geneva Strickland whose body was discovered in the early morning hours of November 1 by firefighters who had responded to the fire at Strickland’s residence on Fayetteville Road in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 /?>Jonesboro.  

An autopsy at the GBI Crime Lab determined the manner of Strickland’s death to be homicide.

Evidence recovered at the scene by a GBI Crime Scene Specialist was successfully processed by GBI crime lab scientists for DNA. The DNA profile was entered into the Combined Index DNA System (CODIS) and a match was made to Boothe’s profile. Booth’s DNA profile was in CODIS based on his previous incarceration in the Georgia Department of Corrections prison system.

Boothe, 41, was arrested yesterday at a residence in Hampton in HenryCounty and transported to the Clayton County Jail.

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