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Please be aware that these descriptions are the best non-medical descriptions of the remains that we can provide. In some cases, limited information is available regarding the remains. This is largely due to the degree of post mortem change. In some cases, certain findings are limited by the extent of remains recovered; as such, some descriptions are purposefully incomplete because no further information is available.

Not all remains lent themselves to a description and as a result, not all unidentified sets of remains are included in these descriptions. Such remains lacked any unique descriptive features to allow for identification. In these cases, no DNA match was made, therefore, unless additional DNA samples are submitted from their kin, these remains are not deemed identifiable.

Dates of death are estimates only, based on physical state of remains and recovery parameters. These should be considered as a guide only; if other identifying features are consistent with your loved one, then please make a note of this.

In all cases, for convenience in identifying sets of remains, remains have been separated out on believed race and sex. In all cases, please remember that certain features, especially race and sex, are scientific estimates. If the general description is consistent with a specific individual, except for race and/or sex, please note this information on the possible match form.

DNA testing was attempted on all these sets of remains. Due to the low utility of sibling DNA in isolation from direct lineage DNA (parents and children), such samples were not analyzed. These lists have been further separated based on the results of the DNA testing.


In cases where no DNA result was obtained due to degradation of the DNA after death, the case is designated "NO DNA MATCH POSSIBLE." In these cases, the remains could not be identified based on DNA even if family members have donated DNA (i.e. the DNA test did not work).

2) "Without DNA match"

  1. In cases where the DNA does not match any submitted DNA to date, the case is designated "does not match any submitted DNA." In these cases, if you have submitted DNA for analysis the set of remains does not match you and is excluded as being related to you (i.e. these remains cannot be those of your loved one).

  2. In cases where the DNA matches at a very low level and/or partially matches numerous sets of remains, the case is designated "does not match any submitted DNA to point of unique identity." In these cases, if you have submitted DNA for analysis the set of remains does not conclusively match you and has been excluded by other means as being related to you (i.e. these remains have been determined to not be those of your loved one).

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Unidentified remains descriptions:

No DNA information is possible
(The deceased's DNA analysis did not give useful results.)

No DNA matched any submitted samples
(If you submitted DNA, it is not your kin.)
White Male White Male
White Female White Female
Black Male Black Male
Black Female Black Female


If you have information on the possible identification of a body, please contact the GBI using our online tips form.

Please include the following information: the GBI case number from the unidentified list, the person's name you believe this to be, and their date of death. Also, tell us what matches and what does not match and if any of the following records were submitted to the GBI and when: Dental x-rays, Dental records, Medical records, DNA and X-rays. In addition, we would like to have your name, address and telephone number.

Or you may send the form below to:

P. O. Box 370808
Decatur, Georgia 30037
Attention: Medical Examiners Office

GBI Case # ____________________________

I believe this person to be ______________________________

Date of death _______________________________________

Because ___________________________________________

What matches _______________________________________

What doesn't match __________________________________

Material submitted to GBI and date submitted:


Dental x-rays Y/N date _______

Dental records Y/N date _______

Medical records Y/N date _______

DNA Y/N date _______

X-rays Y/N date _______

GBI can contact me at:

Name ______________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________

Phone ______________________________________________