Crime Lab Scientist

General Summary

Learns to perform laboratory examinations, scientific analyses and comparisons on physical evidence submitted by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies for investigative and legal purposes.


  1. Trains to conduct scientific analyses on evidence submitted to the laboratory using protocols established by the Division of Forensic Sciences (DOFS).
  2. Trains to protect the chain of custody and integrity on all evidence received and processed.
  3. Learns to prepare written reports with results of scientific examinations conducted.
  4. Learns to communicate with law enforcement and judicial system concerning evidence submitted.
  5. Works on 24-hour call, as necessary.
  6. Trains to follow all risk management practices as set forth in the DOFS Safety policy.
  7. Maintains a consistent, customer-focuses orientation in order to ensure services provided meet internal and external contacts' needs.

Minimum Qualifications:

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

NOTE: All Crime Lab Scientist positions require the successful completion of at least two college science courses. The job vacancy announcement will contain any additional requirements for the position (i.e. related education in a specific discipline, appropriate to the area of assignment, specialized experience, etc.).

Entry Salary: $58,500/yr.

Vacancies for the Crime Lab Scientist job will be posted on the GBI website, as openings become available.  Applicants must submit a college transcript at the time of application.