Case Info

Race: Black
Location: Eatonton, GA at the Georgia Power Plant
Weight: 130, slim build
Height: Unknown
Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Brown/Black
Birth Range: 15 - 22
Contact Info: GBI Regional Office in Milledgeville - 478-445-4173

Remains were found in a coal car of a train while stopped in Eatonton, GA at the Georgia Power Plant.  The train was put together in Ferriston, Kentucky and then went to Etowah, Tennessee the same day.  The train arrived in Atlanta on June 8, 1978 and left the following day en route to Camak, GA (Warren Co.).  The train arrived in Eatonton on June 10, 1978.  It is unknown in which city the remains were placed on the car.

Dental Records are available.