Narcotics Agent

Duties and Responsibilities:

Narcotics Agents are undercover investigators of the GBI Investigative Division and are certified peace officers. Narcotics Agents are assigned with an experienced partner to conduct an undercover drug investigation in a city or county. Meals, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses that are incurred during the investigation are paid for by the GBI. In these investigations, Narcotics Agents will remain in their assignment ten to fourteen days at a time, return to GBI Headquarters in Atlanta to complete reports, take leave days, then return to the out-of-town assignment. Narcotics Agents routinely spend their workweeks in a travel status away from their permanent residence. Upon completion of the investigation, Narcotics Agents arrest their drug defendants and later return to court to prosecute their cases.

Selection Process

The selection process for narcotics agent requires the successful completion of the following:

  • Initial personal interview
  • Physical Fitness Assessment
  • GBI administered pre-employment polygraph examination regarding illegal drug usage and criminal conduct
  • Background investigation
  • Interview with Deputy Director's Interview Board (Command Staff)
  • Psychological and medical examination
  • Pre-employment drug screening
  • Peace Officer and Standards Training Council (POST) requirements


  • Age 21 or older
  • Education - Completion of a Bachelor's degree at an accredited four year college or university.
  • No prior convictions for a felony or for misdemeanors of high and aggravated nature.
  • No history of illegal drug use.
  • United Statescitizen
  • Vision Requirements:
    1. Distant vision - minimum vision of 20/20 in one eye and 20/40 in the other eye, corrected (with glasses or contact lenses), and minimum of 20/200 in each eye, uncorrected (without glasses or contacts).
    2. Near vision- minimum of 20/40, corrected or uncorrected in each eye.
    3. Adequate depth perception and the ability to distinguish colors.
    4. Peripheral vision- at least 70 degrees in each eye.

Narcotics Agents are required to meet rigid medical standards. The required medical examination will be at the expense of the applicant.


Narcotics Agents must successfully complete the 16-week GBI Basic Agent Course at the GeorgiaPublicSafetyTrainingCenter in Forsyth, Georgia. Specialized and advanced training is provided at planned intervals throughout a Narcotics Agent's career.


Beginning salary for Narcotics Agents is $2,964.11 per month or $35,569.36 annually.